Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bees, Tents, and Celebrations, oh my!

I did not blog yesterday—we were too busy celebrating! J was celebrating the second day of his three day weekend. Ant was celebrating his return to school and his friends. K was celebrating a new girlfriend who makes his ex-girlfriend JEALOUS!

I was celebrating a few things, not wholly related to myself.

The first went this way:

I received a call from K’s school yesterday afternoon. Well, let me back up. I’ve received several phone calls from K’s school since we moved to Columbia. They have not been good calls. I wouldn’t say that he has trouble adjusting to Columbia. I think Columbia (and especially its secondary teachers) has had trouble adjusting to K. Let’s face it: the kid is good looking, charismatic, pretty smart, and well, my son.

He talks. A lot.

One teacher called it holding court in the back of the classroom, with the other students gravitating to him and ignoring her instruction. She went on to describe the scene, including that the only thing they were missing were cigars. If they had those, she said, K could be the Don of a very enterprising group of, um, well…

So, he’s been in the office. More than once. They don’t know what to do with him. They can’t seem to stop him from talking. They look at me blankly when I tell them I’ve been trying to fix this for 11 years and 8 months, to no avail.

I received a call yesterday, while at work. I did not recognize the number, but I had a general feeling it was from his school. A warning flag jumped up, taking my blood pressure with it.

“Oh, that little shit! I swear to God when I get home…”

NOPE! Kyle had taken a geography test in social studies. He thought it was for a grade (mistaken) and did well. Then he took another test with some of his teammates (the grades are broken into teams), wondering if this one was graded as well (mistaken). Had he done poorly on the first test? Nope! Those two tests qualified him for the school geography bee!

Oh yeah. Gonna be pretty hard to maintain that hardass image with geography nerd written across your forehead, kid!

The teacher was calling me to tell me I should ‘really consider’ coming to the bee tomorrow morning. I should really think about taking off work and come to the bee. Because K is really good at geography.

Like you had to ask me twice. Embarrassing my 12 year old with only my presence is enough reward.

In other news:

What does a girl do when she is concerning herself with enjoying life again? She makes a bucket list. She also tries to convince her husband to make a bucket list as well. You know, so that they can compare, prioritize, and start moving on it. More on this another time.

One of the things on my bucket list: take the boys camping. The way I figure it, my nature-adverse, city-loving boys need to know how to cook a hot dog over a campfire if the world really is going to end in 2012. Watching Man vs. Wild just doesn’t cut it.
I actually like to camp, but J does not. I like tents, sleeping bags, smores, and looking at the stars.

J’s idea of roughing it involves, “staying at a Holiday Inn where they don’t have a sleep timer on the TV.”

But he’ll go if they boys beg him. K is not going to beg him to go camping, so I’ve been working on Ant.

I’ve won. Ant wants to buy a tent, and go camping. He wants to fish, and swim, and see bears (I’m not telling him the likelihood of seeing a bear here is nil).

I attribute this to reading the Boxcar Children. Gotta love the Boxcar Children.

We want this tent:

I’ll keep you updated on the camping front.

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  1. On tents: I recommend the Coleman model we have. It's a two-room "lodge" with a screened in front porch. Too much? Nope, just enough. It allegedly sleeps 8. I think you could probably cut that in half and be more realistic...unless these 8 people are stacked. The porch is nice for storing things out of the weather, like children. It even has a room divider, but it's not made out of lead, so it doesn't really do much.


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