Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: The Late (due to Easter) Edition

I’ve only been at this a month, and I’ve already started running behind. This apparently means that I’m a bad blogger, or an exceptionally good one, since it seems that all the other celebrity bloggers runs behind as well.

Well, never to be without an excuse for running behind, I wanted to let you know that it was Easter’s fault. It was. We hosted Easter this year, and it was fantastic, but you will just have to take my word for that because what didn’t make the blog was the absolutely perfect ham my husband made.

Because- in our household- Easter means ham, macaroni and cheese, dinner rolls, and cheesecake.

The ham is still not going to make the blog, unfortunately, because I forgot to take a picture of it before I started shoving it in my mouth. 
Alas, this is not our ham, but it still looks like a good one! HAM... k8southern

Quickly moving on... let’s talk about some of the other things that happened this last week that you may have missed!

When I wasn’t here:
I was writing for Sprocket Ink- about my hero of the month, Angel Perry, and her antithesis, Levi Johnston. One is saving children, and the other is determined to ruin them.
Also, the lovely ladies over at Cheesy Bloggers ran my December post about Anthony, and how his Santa ‘Exploration’ discussions with us left something lost in translation… It was just in time for the Easter Bunny.

What was going on elsewhere:
On a more serious note, there were two amazing posts by dad bloggers I follow that concerns something that I find to be very important: Love and tolerance. Single Dad Laughing wrote another post in response to the outpouring of letters and comments he’s received since writing I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay. In his newest response (which went viral), A Teen’s Brave Response, he shows that one person can change the closed mindset of a family or group. Along the same lines, Didactic Pirate shared with us a deep secret he has been hiding from everyone, including the blogosphere, about himself, in his post, Honesty.

The posts and the response to these posts lifted my spirits during one of the most important holidays in the Christian faith. No matter your preference in religion, it is all about Love. And Love is what these articles project.

Finally, what was going on this time last year?
I told you about my superpower… If you don’t know about it yet, I suggest you check it out. And just so you know up front, my services don’t come cheap!


  1. Oiy! Am I glad to see this weekend gone...

    1. Sing it! I love hosting holidays at my house, until it's actually time to clean the house, cook the meal, and shop for the needed things. That's when I question my sanity- when I'm fighting an octogenarian on the Saturday before Easter for the last eight pound ham.

      She shouldn't have messed with me. That's all I'm saying.

  2. we had a good easter because we focused on the kids. My wife gave me a reese's peanut butter cup egg the size of a small nerf football. She's a damn good woman.


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