Monday, January 10, 2011

Grownups need more snow days!

Today was abbreviated by a snowstorm. It’s not the Snowpacalypse so often depicted on the news, and I’m glad that we don’t have three feet of the stuff on the ground. I feel sorry for those people who do—it doesn’t really look like that much fun to me. The snow here is just enough to let school out early (and keep it out tomorrow—I got the text update as I am writing this post) and make everyone hurry home from work. Already enough snow blankets the earth to muffle the normal, everyday noise so the world is quiet. I like to think that everyone is home safe and sound; cozying up with the ones they love.

I hate January (can I say it anymore? I freaking hate January!) for its dreary bleakness, and the break in routine that a snow storm can bring is more than a welcome reprieve. It brings to my attention all those things that get lost along the way as I trudge along, praying for spring to come early.

Like the fact that I am a good multitasker. I can do my work from home while supervising homework and making sure the load of laundry hits the dryer. Instead of hitting the vending machine on a break, or gossiping with someone, I take three minutes to wipe down the kitchen counters and grab a handful of Wheat Thins. Oftentimes, I lose sight of the fact that I can do these things without much fuss. I’m one of those people who can take a chore they don’t want to do and build it up in their heads to gigantic proportions-- to the point that the simple chore seems damn near impossible. When I am multi-tasking, I just tend to get the job done. I have other things to take up my mind. I don’t have time to build anything up into mountain. I just have enough time to get my work/chores/tasks done.

Or the fact that Ant is cool. Seriously. We thought he was going to be cool, but I was surprised that it had already happened. I wasn’t expecting it for another couple of years or so. I went to pick him up from school a bit before early dismissal. I had taken the opportunity to head out early and beat the rush. I signed him out in the office, and chatted with the wonderful ladies there. I walked out of the office to wait for my son in the hall, and watched him—favorite sweatshirt on, coat thrown over his shoulder, sunglasses (unnecessary, except for the cool factor), popping ear buds in his ear and waving his to his friends…and I realized that he was cool.

How can he be cool? It flies in the face of his genetic code! Does he not know from whence he came? J and I are not cool.

Another thing a girl can learn from a good, old-fashioned snow day: I make a damn good snowman. Especially if you squint. And have me build it in the dark.

Or that everyone loves biscuits with dinner, and I love it when I have the time to make biscuits for dinner.

Finally, I realized that I had surpassed my one year blogging anniversary on Saturday, with no fanfare, no post, even! How did I do this? Was it on purpose? Nope. I got the date wrong, pure and simple, as I was trudging along, waiting for spring. I thought I had written my first post on the 12th of January last year. I had even been wracking my brain, trying to figure out what kind of post one writes for a one year anniversary. I wasn’t coming up with much, and I was trying not to freak out.

Now the moment has passed, and I am not going to try to grab it and bring it back. Well, maybe a little bit—because I am talking about it here. But not like you would imagine. It may have been for the best. I realized that I need to stop, pay attention, and not pray for time to speed by so that I can get to the point I think I want to be right then (and let’s face it, we’ve all seen what happens when you try to do that when that Adam Sandler movie with the remote was out).

We need time to pay attention. We need more breaks. We need adult snow days and I hope you get to have one soon.

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  1. You are right, though as a teacher, I've often gotten snow days. I have been dreading January, to be honest, but I'm working really hard to enjoy it. I'm going for a morning walk, and I think the fresh air is invigorating. I'm trying to look at nature as not dead, but resting. I, too, believe in resting in the winter. And that has made it so much better. (Of course, I have like three months to go!)


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